TCIY License

The Code Is Yours License

By Sagar Devkota

The TCIY License ( Updated version at )

You are bind to follow the following list to use the code with TCIY License.

	1. TCIY stands for The Code Is Yours. I shared this code with you, now the code is yours but you should still follow the terms.
	2. This License is applied only for the code written by me. Some time my code may contains references from others, the license and terms belongs to them.
	3. You are free to do following with the code with this license:-
		- Learn something from the code.
		- Make use of my code and earn a lot from it.
		- Use my code and never mention my name.[1]
		- Take the code to classroom to teach your students.
		- Share the code and tell them that you write this cool code.
		- Permission to copy all or part of the code is granted.
	4. This license may be modified at any date in future and any time of the day of any time zone.
	5. This license is not backward or forward compatible. Any older versions of the license are subject to be compared with the online version residing at
You are not allowed to do the following with the code with TCIY License.

	1. Hold me responsible for any undocumented features / bugs in the source code.
	2. Sue me for any evil things that my code did.
[1] I won't mind if you do mention my name.